Want to improve the performance and loyalty of their direct or channeled workforce in a cost-effective manner.


Are looking for your commitment to furthering their career but will ignore programs that do not address their needs.

The Workforce Genome Project delivers insight for you to address these critical requirements.

Our data provides a roadmap to move beyond outdated, monolithic approaches to talent management by identifying the specific needs of each employee in relationship to their performance and critical job competencies.

Focus on what’s important. Eliminate what’s not. Achieve higher levels of performance, employee engagement and loyalty.

We should mention that it’s surprisingly easy.




We help you transcend ineffective, wasteful, one-size-fits-all approaches to employee development.

Sales effectiveness.

A key issue for most organizations—and our initial focus.

If you manage or support a direct or channeled sales team, the Salesforce Genome is the ideal solution to identify:

The competencies required to be a successful sales representative or manager for your brand, products and customers.

Which of your current or potential sales professionals have the required competencies (and which do not).

The sales support and performance improvement activities that will improve their productivity and loyalty.

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Predictive analytics for salesforce success.


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